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Posted August 21, 2016 (edited 7/2/17)


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Here's a message from the Owner!

Greetings fellow Role Players of Second Life!  Welcome to the Unity website!  We thank you for your interest in our humble little town and encourage you to read on. While discussing likes and dislikes, preferences and...yes...fetishes (gasp...oh my!), I discovered a commonality in what was percieved to be the 'ideal' role play sim.

As the owner of Unity, I feel that the RP should be focused on "the story" and the foundation for that story is rooted in reality.  The city of Unity is a small, rural setting full of everyday life.  The joys and disappointments shared through a mutual story line adds rich color, depth and flavor.  One thing that was felt to permeate urban role play sims available is the "numbness" or apathy in regards to violence in role play.

Acts of violence are sometimes necessary for the plot or key to the story line that is being written.  No one disputes that, however, it should not be such a redundant occurence that it begins to lose its intended "shock" value or level of drama that impacts characters.  The significance of such events in a story should cause shock and awe, and foster a more realistic response from the characters involved.  Make no mistake...this is an adult role play sim with adult themed story lines, just presented without the violence as the foundation of the sim's over all plot and goals.

In Unity, it is our hope that you, the player, will not find the typical, daily occurences of violent acts and major crimes so blatantly on the forefront of any story line.  These things can and will occur...but with discretion and not without more realistically driven IC consequences.  Above all, Unity seeks to be different.

I realize not everyone will share nor agree with this vision, nor enjoy the direction of our goals for the sim.  I am okay with that.  I encourage all players, new and old to the virtual world of role play, to seek a sim that best meets their needs.  If the story of the citizens of Unity intrigues you, please, join us and read on.

Much love to my dark hearted friends with twisted needs...

Wynn Wycked  (aka Shro)

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